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I'm an interdisciplinary artist and organiser, from Newcastle based in London.

I follow sprawling research connections and resonances across science, philosophy, queer and feminist theory, pop culture, music and community organising, to produce experimental performances, films, sculptures, drawings, texts and sound.


Often interested in phenomena or experiences that feel intangible or hard to grasp, and working in collaboration with other people, I make art as a way to learn. Through processes of combining, coagulating and layering our experiences and ideas, to try for a more complex and plural way of being.


Previous projects have played with science fiction, punk, lineages, improvisation, spatial justice, movement and embodied forms of knowledge. Currently I'm working on projects about dissociation, time, oblivion and nature.

Alongside this work, I'm also an experienced educator, facilitator, programmer and access support worker. All my work is connected by a desire for, and a drive to create, more supportive, politicised and experimental structures for people to make and share the world.

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