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I'm an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and organiser, based in London.

I work across film, sculpture, writing and music, as well as curation, facilitation, community building and access support. All my work is connected by a desire for, and a drive to create - collaborative, supportive, equitable and experimental structures for people to make and share art, and make and share the world.

Always influenced by:

punk, feminism, dada, improvisation, consciousness raising, amateurism, collaboration, trusting process, gutturalness, justice movements, poetics, play, DIY, queer phenomenology, alternative education, speculative fiction...

Currently researching:

change, morphing, mutation, queering as action, infinity, deep time, vibrational frequencies, black holes, cycles, death drives, futurity, the margins, horizon lines, catastrophe, bewilderment, nature, bio morphemes, wildness...

Currently learning more about:

critical neurodivergent cultural theory, film making, experimental programming...

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