I am an artist originally from Newcastle, based in London. Alongside my art practice I have worked in organising, learning and curating. I am one half of a duo with Kerri Jefferis and I am the bassist in the punk band molejoy. 



I began my practice instigating DIY/DIWO (do it with others) projects. CaW was a post university research collective that created a self selecting, nomadic residency reclaiming the name of the Tory culture minister in 2014. The Whittingdale Residency interrogated and critiqued the presumed path of an ‘emerging’ artist. The first 'curating' I did took place in the bathroom of my shared house - inviting artists to put on a show for an afternoon, experiment with new ideas and invite others in to share and discuss their work. Alongside this I was a nanny, worked in hospitality and for after school arts and reading clubs, as well as charities that support artists who are neurodiverse or disabled. 

Since 2015 my main artistic practice has been in collaboration with Kerri JefferisWe create anarchic situations and improvised encounters with other people. The remains from these events are then shaped into artworks that have taken the form of sound, print, sculpture and film: experimental records and reinterpretations of the ephemeral, live moments held with other people. Prompted by the feminist ‘practice of doing’, we invite people to re-orientate, unlearn or embody unfamiliar ways of being, together. Common to each work is the desire to convene differing people and enact forms of resistance. Most recently we have been exploring sculptural tools used to have dialogues on embodiment 2018, and a soap opera come reality TV style 'mumble core' film exploring everyday surrealisms using theatre of the oppressed techniques, made with actors living in south Leeds 2019. We organise workshops, often work with others to facilitate events, we have built furniture, poured bronze, sewn costumes, tried choreography and held many dinners. We work on long term projects via residencies or commissions, and  we also take part in smaller scale, one off opportunities, as well as giving talks or teaching as part of formal and alternative education spaces. 


Alongside this, in 2016 whilst working for Create London - I set up The White House a community and residency space in Dagenham. The house intends to be a safe and comfortable space for people to come together, to socialise, collaborate and make art in. Whilst there I worked with artists and community groups to produce their residencies and make new artwork. I worked with artists such as Chad McCail, They Are Here, Alice Theobald, Christina Ford and Eve Chabanon. We set up the Front Room Programme which hosted young people's groups, painting classes, henna tutorials and cooking as well as supporting the local schools or colleges to get involved and use the house as a resource. 


In 2017 I established the Learning Programme for Whitstable Biennale (now under the umbrella organisation Cement Fields) and have since supported long-term artist led projects in schools and a community centre in north Kent. Whilst there I worked with artists such as Ania Bas, Jasleen Kaur and Webb Ellis on long term and embedded learning projects, as well as many others as part of the festival.


Since 2020, I am the Into The Wild Artist Facilitator for Chisenhale Studios. Into The Wild is a free programme for artists starting out in their careers to explore different models to work together and develop their working practices. In 2021 I started working for new grant giving charity Grand Plan, working with them to design a more equitable and easily accessible way of applying for support.


My practice is rooted in the politics of collaboration, and all my work intends to reshape the structures by which people make and access art. I am an experienced project manager, fundraiser and facilitator. I am currently supporting artists with different access needs to plan their works, write their funding bids and produce their projects. 

Get in touch for work or a chat via: contact@sophiechapman.com