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'Men on the Left' 


'Amateurs Forever' 

Written for & presented at London Conference of Critical Thought 2022 


'Methods, Tools, Practices, Experiences'

Taking Artist Development Online, with Into The Wild and Chisenhale

Art Place 2020

'Russian dolls of holding: on learning curation for biennials' 

For the Engage Journal 44: biennials and beyond on my time as Learning Curator for the Whitstable Biennale written 2020.

'join the movement when you feel ready'

Collaborative text with Kerri Jefferis written on residency at Scottish Sculpture Workshop in 2018. Published in Text Hates Poetry​ edited by ​Harn und Drang.

'Housework: reflections on embodied politics & community building' 

Reflective text written after finishing working as Curator of The White House in 2018.

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