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HONEY 2023

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 11.54.29.png

HONEY is a film installation, chatbot and sensation created in collaboration with artist

Sahjan Kooner.


‘Im building a brand, i’m always busy, sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast’
- HONEY and Nicki Minaj (2023/2012)


This is a story about HONEY, coming of age in late stage hypercapitalism. She wants so much for herself, but she has to confront the reality of life now, the hustle, the grind, and the slow destruction of ourselves caught in the game. A meme, an alien, an NPC, every girl just tryna survive this world - by becoming a chat bot. Think Elizabeth Holmes meets Katya, The Young Girl and Julia Fox. Supported by her partner in crime BF fumbling her way Daria style through coding and bluffing to the investors. A camp, low fi, video game, YouTube comedy, TV and friendship inspired ride. 


HONEY'S Track by Rubie Green, chatbot in collaboration with and coded by

Melita Gandham.

This artwork was made as part of Sahjan's exhibition 'dankEconogy1_ALIENVillage' with Gary Zhexi Zhang, The Villagers and Manjit Kooner, showing at Eastside Projects Oct-Dec 2023, touring to Kunsthall Ghent 2024, with support also from UP Projects.

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