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Rave Time 2023

rave time_1.00_02_23_17.Still014.jpg

Rave Time is an exploration of ecstatic and embodied learning, and the spaces it happens in.

Combining footage documenting a disused, overgrown playground attached to a closed down community centre near my flat in Bermondsey, a residency I led for UKNA with Sophie Mak Schram for emerging artists (Zara Sands, Sunny Vowles, Niamh Seana, Luke Beech & Courtney Roberts) exploring embodied ways of communicating and collaborating, using tools made with Kerri Jefferis, plus the annual queer protest party ‘This Is My Culture’ in Hampstead Heath cruising grounds inspired by George Michael’s famous words “Are you gay? No? Then fuck off! This is my culture!”


I wanted to use footage from my own life, rather than staged to explore the affective quality of fizzy spaces that are co created temporarily with other people. Thinking about what kinds of queer knowledges are able to grow and spread in these conditions, and what kind of collective tuning in goes on through sweating, trying to move and live together - against forces of erasure.

Shown as part of Gentle Gestures stream at London Conference for Critical Thought 2023, accompanied by a workshop.

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